Like so many women out there I have struggled with my weight. I’ve spent most of my life focused on losing and gaining the same 15 pounds. You know from trying extreme exercise programs to diets that eliminated food groups. In between all of this I’d allow myself to binge when I decided I’d had enough, only to feel guilt for eating something. Looking back I can see that there was no shame in enjoying special treats but I needed to own that and not go overboard.

I realized that what all of this crazy dieting taught me was that they only worked for me in the short game but NEVER for the long game. I needed a long game because living on 1200 calories a day is not sustainable and just down right awful.

When I found the FASTer Way I felt that I was finally FREE to eat what I loved and still lose weight. The workouts made me feel strong and capable! After I completed my first found I knew that I had found the secret sauce in the accountability that my coach provided me and I was never looking back.